Our Story

Hey y’all 
Kim and Pam here, we are the faces behind this business, hence the 2 in our name! We love Jesus, our family and you!
We are seriously so excited to have you stop by our little shop, our journey started out many years ago (shhh I won't say how many though, a lady never tells). We would make beautiful wreaths for local craft shows, they were some of the best times and we were able to meet such amazing people along the way! Unfortunately our local craft show stopped, and so, with it, our business.
Fast forward a few years...I started going to the gift market, buying beads, making jewelry and selling my pieces in my hair salon and at craft shows. (I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but somehow it worked!)
After a few years of Pam helping me, (for free hahaha, love you sis), we decided to start making wreaths again! We were so passionate about our creations we wanted to have more designs and styles to offer, very soon the door hanger was born, the jewelry retired (just for a little while, its making a comeback y’all) and Shut The Front Door 2 became a real business!
We believe everyone should have the best dressed door (No naked doors Y'all), but we think the inside of your home needs love too!
We offer everything from wreaths, door hangers, flower arrangements, paint parties, and so much more!
If you're ever in the Facebook neighborhood, come visit our page, you will find us crafting, decorating, painting and sharing what we have learned along the way. Stop by for a chat during our live videos, we love having your company!
Much Love;  
Kim & Pam